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Anglebrook offers unique Corporate and Individual Memberships. Unlike most private golf and country clubs that have a limited and mature member roster with little or no transition, waiting lists and a host of outdated rules and regulations, Anglebrook offers flexible privileges with full-access memberships currently available. One example of Anglebrook’s flexibility is that a member may invite guests to accompany him or her at any time and may also send unaccompanied guests to the club. Membership at Anglebrook will be limited to 300, thus allowing each member to make the most of what the club has to offer.

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  • Corporate One-Designee*
  • Individual**
  • Corporate Two-Designee
  • Corporate/Individual** Non-Deposit
  • Junior Executive
  • One-person Corporate / Individual**
  • Corporate Packages for Two and Three Designees
  • One-person Corporate / Individual**
  • Corporate Packages for Two, Three and Four Designees
  • Unlimited access to our dining operation, including club events.

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A World-Class Reputation

The Westchester area has long been known as home to some of the most vaunted private golf clubs in America. Furthering that reputation is the Anglebrook Golf Club, which opened in 1998 and made an immediate impact on the golf world.

Anglebrook gained a national reputation for world-class golf when Golf Digest magazine named it the 16th best course in the state of New York in its May 1999 issue. That’s a prestigious honor for any club—particularly one just a year old, and especially for one in such a golf-rich region. That designation put Anglebrook right alongside exclusive golf experiences such as Winged Foot and Westchester Country Club and ranked ahead of cherished venues like Crag Burn and Sleepy Hollow.

Mark Messier

If anyone knows of a better conditioned golf course, they need to take me there.

Satoshi Kodaira

Anglebrook is a great course. All the green complexes were extremely impressive and some of the views really stood out...

Morgan Hoffman

I’d heard a lot about Anglebrook prior to playing here and it lived up to all the hype. I loved all the par-3s ....