Anglebrook's Greatest Hits

Ken Green, PGA Tour & Ryder Cup veteran  

“Anglebrook is a tremendous golf course. It flows from hole-to-hole in a way not many places I’ve played do. In that sense I compare it to Pine Valley. Once you’re out there, you’re not thinking about what hole you’re on. Instead, it’s just one great shot opportunity after another. The fairways are generous, but you need to place your ball in such a spot that you’re coming into the greens from the proper angle. That’s the mark of a great architect.”  

“If anyone knows of a better conditioned golf course, they need to take me there.”

Mark Messier, Six-time Stanley Cup Champion, Hockey Hall of Famer and member since 2012

Satoshi Kodaira, Japan Tour & PGA Tour Player

“Anglebrook is a great course. All the green complexes were extremely impressive and some of the views really stood out—especially coming around the corner on No. 9 and seeing the elevated green with the clubhouse behind it—just a striking visual. I can also imagine how tough these greens would be to putt at U.S. Open speeds.”

“Your membership has quite a gem of a golf course. She’s a beauty for sure. It’s a great layout, and absolutely gorgeous visually, but when you’re on the tee and she whispers ‘Driver’ in your ear, you better be ready or she’s going to rough you up.”

Sean “The Beast” Fister, ReMax Long Drive Champion 1995, 2001 & 2006

Michael Karger, winner of the 2013 MGA Mid-Amateu

“The greens here are spectacular and wicked in some places. Between having been here before as a guest, a practice round and then for the first round [of the Mid-Am], I knew where you place the ball—both off the tee and on the green—is crucial. This is really a golf course you have to think your way around and the greens are extraordinary. Ask anyone who has played here and they’ll tell you all you need to do is get the ball on line and you know it’s going to stay there.”

“I’d heard a lot about Anglebrook prior to playing here and it lived up to all the hype. I loved all the par-3s and the par-5s and the greens were just perfect. With so many birdie opportunities, it’s a tremendous course for match play. Although we played from the tips, it also struck me as a great course from every other set of tees.”

Morgan Hoffman, PGA Tour Player

Larry Laoretti, 1992 U.S. Senior Open Champion

“My first reaction is that the maintenance team here should just keep doing what they’re doing, because everything is perfect! I loved all the par-3s and several others stood out as a spectacular holes as well. I play a lot of Nicklaus courses and the greens reminded me of what he likes to do as a designer and use a lot of undulation. The greens are really what makes this golf course.”
“I loved it. It’s been a long time since I played a course in such incredible condition—especially the greens. There wasn’t too much risk off the tee, but with all the movement on the greens, it really puts a premium on your iron play.”—

Max Buckley, the 2013 MGA Player of the Year

Russ Sirico, Westchester Senior Golf Association

“It’s a spectacular design where Trent Sr. and his team did an amazing job of carving the course out of the landscape. Anglebrook’s slope and rating aren’t indicative of what a great challenge the course presents. It’s a course you have to think your way around and it demands you work the ball every which way. There simply isn’t a poorly designed hole here. It’s a classically designed course built with modern maintenance and irrigation practices—and that’s something most golf course aficionados would tell you is an unbeatable combination.”
“I don’t know if I’ve ever played a club that was more cared for—including Augusta National.”

Ryan George, head professional Siwanoy Golf Club

Peter Kaufmann, Golf Digest Course Rater

“Until you know where to place your shots, it’s a very difficult challenge. Once you know where to aim, especially the greens, it’s a very fair golf course. All the courses that are in Golf Digest’s Top 100 in the U.S. have a rating of 6.2 or more—based on our criteria. I’d say Anglebrook is a 5.8, which in my opinion, would make it among the top 200 courses in America.”
“Anglebrook is a lot of fun to play and it isn’t a course you need to overpower as much as you need to think your way around. With some local knowledge, it’s much easier to navigate. You know when and where you can be aggressive and what clubs are the smartest play. With the speed of the greens you have a lot of options from the fairways—and firing at the flagstick probably isn’t the right choice. There are plenty of courses you can look at the scorecard and decide then and there what clubs you’re going to hit, but not at Anglebrook.”

Kevin Ausserlechner, head professional CC of Darien 

Charlie Meola, Saxon Woods head professional

“Conditions tee to green were simply fantastic. We simply couldn’t have asked for more. It’s a tough golf course, but no more than No. 9. Someone said it was ‘Classic Risk / Reward,’ but I think it was all Risk. I loved the hole and to me that (centered) fairway bunker is in the perfect place.”
“The greens are absolutely perfect—they putted true all day long. Uphill, downhill, sidehill, you name it, the ball stayed on its line all day long. The conditioning was immaculate, and the broad views were just beautiful.”

James Ondo, assistant professional,
Winged Foot Golf Club

In its 25-year history, Anglebrook has proudly hosted the Met Mid-Amateur, U.S. and U.S. Senior Amateur qualifying, NYS Open qualifying, two Lincoln pro-ams, two British victory cups and several Westchester senior events. This is a sampling of comments collected from some of the participants –and some other VIPs—who have played anglebrook.  

Featured In Publications

AGC has been prominently featured in publications such as The Best of Golf, Travel & Leisure Golf, Golfweek, and The Met Golfer. Anglebrook has also had one of its holes included in the “Best 18 Holes in Westchester County,” by Westchester Magazine thirteen of the past fifteen years.